All you are.

All You Are
by Julian DeWees

Swan-necked lullaby
Curvature of a whisper spoken
Her skin blossomed in his arms
Gripped and flowing
Through eloquent juxtaposition
Voices transcend the sky
In aurora-bliss
Reluctant departure from
A place called home
Hand to finger longing
A memory

Safety in those eyes
Places they have seen
To understand is to live

Quench your sorrow
Hold the hand of the old man dying
Cry as he cries
And tell him it’s ok
Tell him to go
Succumb to the grief and relief
Of suffering thwarted

Strong back
Steady shoulders
And remember
We travel in life
For life is all that we are
And death is a passage
So live
Every waking hour

It does not change what was
So love all that you were
All you are
And all you will become…

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