Once Lovely

Once Lovely
By Isabelle Zoulalian

O delicate flower,
You lean toward the sun
Indulging in his warmth
Piercing through your skin.
Beauty lies in your youth,
For only a short while
Will it stay.

Below the Earth,
The sun takes slumber,
Leaving behind his
Distant love.

Her abandonment
Lasted a lifetime,
Corrupting her mind,
A captured blink
By the one who shone
So brightly.

The cold air envelops her,
Claiming the warmth
Held within the depths
Of her heart.
A permanent hostage.

Once supple skin
Has thickened with age.
Thorns emerge on the surface,
Warding off visitors
With her ill temper.

The bitter sap running
Through her veins
Has turned her vibrant
Hue monotonous.
The frivolous scent
She once carried so proudly
Has become cloying.

O, how time has poisoned her,
No longer an exquisite being,
But merely a dried up flower
Past her prime,
Now weary with life.

Her short lived youth
Haunts every thought.
Too menacing to remember,
She glances at the ominous sky
For the final time
Before she turn away
And yields to death.

1 thought on “Once Lovely

  1. This is a poem of truth. It is so familiar. It is life and death. I am a Nurse, and I work with the elderly who are predominantly female. I see this poem in their eyes everyday.
    This poem is sad, yet so true.

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