pretty morbid


pretty morbid
by Jordan McElheran

6:31 am
up late— not early...

it's like the day of the dead
'cause all i see is you   cadaver
lips so spicy and limbs cool
as ice  so frigid   is it 'cause the ground is
cold   or the night air

your flesh melts from your bones
beautifully   but not with heat
not like other things melt   i
can see your wonderful cheekbones
that smile so bright and warming
despite the cold rot that covers
your face

you smell like lavender
and sulphur

like a doll   with makeup   just
pretend   your image is ghostly
your smile   mostly skeletal
sends shivers down my
back but hot blood through my heart   and
i wonder        do your last words still
linger on the fragments of lip that managed to hang on
and             what is it like   for your heart to stop
beating   but such questions are rude i suppose
so you can go off on your way now   before the
sun comes up and you turn to dust

we can give you
flowers if you like   marigolds
to leave on your grave

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