First tunnel

First tunnel
by Bogdan Puslenghea

keen on infant Time
the bitter pleasure
of flesh and name altogether
merely reconstructions
in an abyss of initials
(this fusion with beauty
and despair will allow you
to perform material acts)
From do ut des to love
you suffer
the grandiloquence
of power history…
Take these words
in your face
and stay blind
for a while
out of dignity,I’d say

1 thought on “First tunnel

  1. About birth, right? The “infant time” of “bitter pleasure”/”fusion with beauty and despair” leaving the womb “to perform material acts.” Associating that with power, the poet sardonically advises the newborn to “stay blind for a while” and maintain the “dignity” of the embryonic state. Ingenious way of looking at life at large.

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