The Able and Endeared

The Able and Endeared
by John Jay Flicker

Take the panic button as a literal extension of limit
Obligatory conscience that drives moral questing
Imposing boundary into absolutes and consequence
Glass reckonings that glint in light and thorough repose
Tempered before addition to the main frame hammering
The eloquent blame game in jovial exchange at midnight
Pairing a cross hand pivot with a cordial etching in stone
Pen man sayings hatched into a plane of arrogance
An exclamation of the wide enlarged nervous net
Provoking response of the unborn with no perception

Tribunal on terry cloth and indigent, outdated machinery
Picks of steel and handle of wooden bones with roots
Scared and timid carving in absolution of the opponent
Vocal folds impose meaning and act as future weapons
The modality of impression through evocation and sound
Thought trails from mind to mind through time and space
Meaning on a whim and chain of axons churning modes
Clarity in populous and state of mind in treble axioms
Troubled palate sending in the golden open message
From the great turbulent genes of dawn in cryptic response

Civility emerges in disobedience and credulity of right
Comparable to break downs at the molecular level
Righting the wrong is temporary homeostatic adjustment
When the light ceases and hides from day time exchange
The multicolored patterning of adversity in a tapered tone
Inclination to depravity and morbid lawless echelons
Precipitates through green modernity and red labor
A watered outpouring of rain cloud and frontal pressure
When the liquid turns to white snow and hollow ice
Hold fast in sheltered reigns, the love of able humans

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