Steadfast In Repose

Steadfast In Repose
by Noah Gordon

The dream didn’t take place in an abandoned movie theater (although I wish it had)

It wasn’t in your bed, or in front
of your fireplace

there were no fighting flames or jumping
charcoal leaping down into dusk.

Somewhere, a spine tingles

I’m awake now
and I can only see dust,
lit up in the light
floating around like microscopic astronauts.

The whole world sighs,
let’s out a yelp as if to say

“It isn’t over yet!”

There are still skirmishes to be fought
and plums to gnash our teeth into.

Dusk comes down slowly now,
cradling the thought of several doubts

and meanwhile

along the creaky highways
the moon ducks
out of view,

while we rest, steadfast in repose

if only for a short while.

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