Have You

Have You
by Tina Weber

have you ever laid in bed at night, eyes shut, mouth open, awake? i
have. have you ever clenched your fists, or lied about your favorite
movie, showed someone your tits over the internet? i have. do you know
what it’s like to feel broken, lied to, stepped on, cursed? maybe
you’ve been yelled at, been kicked out of a bar, gotten red red wine
spilled down the small of your back… if life weren’t full of shit,
it’d certainly be less interesting. but i’d take a life without you,
fast. not everything means what it looks like or sounds like or maybe,
even, what it tastes like. although taste is true…and i’ve tasted
you. sour, like milk left out in the sun. like lemons and salt on an
open wound. stings. do it now, not later. if you loved me, you
should’ve said so. if you didn’t you should’ve shut your mouth. it’s
easy to get my hopes up. as easy as it is to get your dick up. over,
and out. i’m tired of trying. tired of closed hands in pockets without
laced fingers. tired of lying under hat brims and layers upon layers
of shirts. graphic, striped, plaid, flannel. jeans that fit perfectly
over thighs, knees, ankles. shoes that make soft sounds on pavement.
when it’s wet, when it’s hot, when i’m drunk and leaning over a ledge.

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