lightfollow home

lightfollow home
by Shannon Baker

lightfollow home
to sit in a bookbox stacking
take a bit of breath along to
eat with.
weigh the water as
icegrass melting with push precision
the drop drags
all the way

urgent dare.
untie the mirror knot
in your head rewinds an action.
remains, what did will
revive its own past.
all revolves anyway, designing
life-experiments glued with the grip
of possibility. choose
a daydecison and belong to it.
some people prefer to think of ownership.
i find i am not concerned.

answer to invitation/inquiries:
no i
seem to be stuck in a somewhere else
so sorry
try tomorrow.

paper trees now
that’s the
goodtaste joke.
i slightshifted, wore out the
warning, accused any
all of each
and still
could change my mind out
just by walking among
absent air.
spit between the hands
beginning both ways.
miserably illustrated, it
moves between
the space and space
chase tailing
catches the creature up to
its intentions. so the
brighter your shadows the
better, i guess.
really it’s rathermuch up to
the wretch who finds his
second person with his first.
necessity, its fortunate
gift. thud-rolling uphill.
obstacle-blocking leaves you
lonely of ideas. next, notion-ghosts
skullhaunt, and that’s a
dull descension. deliver
not unto but outside of
the deepest direction.
derailing the rattles dug
a hole where
a hole had
already been.

ceased to reap the
sowing since becoming
aware of
certain seeds.
settled, certain. still,
you can be shaken out of yourself,
swallowed and spat into sky.
so be careful. never
show that
you are sure. even
sickness has its pleasures.
keep that secret,
and it will
keep you safe.

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