The kitchen witch

The kitchen witch
by Frank Scarangello

The kitchen witch

still hangs in the window

dangling from a string

along with spirits and distant echos;

she moves ever so slightly

as if a ghost had passed a little too close

The sun shines on her

and on the button the witch always wears

I heart Rhode Island

Empty rooms

now waiting for new life

furniture marks on carpet

ashes in the fireplace

Stillness in the living room

sounds of Jobim

remembering Gamboa

embedded in the walls

The bedroom silent

but for faint murmurs

of passion and love

the children didn’t hear

He takes the kitchen witch

and with one last look

closes the door and

carries it to the car

She sits near to him

on the front seat

next to the bronze box

engraved with pine needles

And the kitchen witch says

“You mustn’t look back”

as he points the blue jeep

South toward the sun.

5 thoughts on “The kitchen witch

  1. I read this as a very tender and delicate leave-taking of one house for relocation in another; the kitchen witch, an emblem of good luck, which of course would have to be taken along to bless the new dwelling; the photo, a disservice to the poem.

  2. Hi Randall – yes indeed it was a leave taking. My wife passed ten years ago this month. I sold the house and with my two daughters started a new life in Florida. My girls finished college, one went to law school and they both married. The kitchen witch hangs in my eldest daughter’s kitchen today.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Regards

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