Things You Let Go

Things You Let Go
by Pat A Physics

Counting only white cars from the kitchen window
we have to polish away the steam from the sink.
The bath in the sink is a recent innovation for us
it suddenly makes bathtime a funtime, of course.
Outside, the birds’ heads sink into the bird bath
and then they are visible again in a irregular rhythm.
You asked me why birds can fly around and dive
and the closest we could get to that was biking.
And I replied that people fly around all of the time
and that was the root of most of our problems.
No one can tell whether they will stop and so they
continue to fly upwards and never come back.
They forget about earth and travel elsewhere,
never to be heard from or seen ever again, you see.
Like a balloon that you let go.  You see it often.
That’s where missing people come from.  The sky.
Car number four was detected passing slowly
and turning into the driveway across the street
in order to complete a U-turn.  You said, “Four!”

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