Less images for H&H

iMoving forward Haggard and Halloo is going to cease using unlicensed images. In the past we would accept the images that are attached to an individual poem submission or simply grab one off the internet that makes sense for the poem. Most of the time there is no person to credit for that image so we post it anonymously and of course we’d credit the photographer / artist if we know who created it. It’s been a long debate, but we’re no longer going to “borrow” images from the internet to supplement our postings. Besides the legal consequences involved we feel it’s nice to only use images we have permission to post. While H&H is a negative profit entity, meaning we do not profit from said images and therefore do not pay royalties, we feel this is the best step forward to respect the art of others.

Nothing has happened to inspire this change so we feel it’s best to preemptively change our course before something does.

We will be happy to post any image that you have taken to accompany your poem or story and may use photos that we have taken as we’d have permission to use those. We may also continue to use unlicensed images in our news stories as they typically link back to the original source.




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