Body City Bodhisattva:

Body City Bodhisattva:
by Dan Raphael

i wont leave til everyone is living in the appropriate place,
house/body nestled in earth, spring tree skies,
bird constellations link and swoop decorating rooftops
with animated calligraphy, waiting for the ink to separate into letters
waiting for instructions to sprout across my screen.

if everyone went to bed when i did the earths orbit would be threatened,
the way tomatoes change a soups color, the way skin facilitates music,
like taking five minutes to rub one palm across the other
and spending hours decompressing what i heard,
graphing how the volume peaks and wanes like a huge anomaly
traversing the sky changing echoes and overtones,

as learning a new song each day soon requires changes
in wardrobe, paycheck and friends. we’re no longer the same modality.
so few settle. and now that musics no longer local,
every past is available today, every styles contemporary,
songs so new you start dancing before you hear them

when the whole city’s on their feet i will rest

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  1. A humorous sweeping comment on momentary popularity versus dancing to the beat of your own drummer. Many great, evocative lines. My favorite: “songs so new you start dancing before you hear them.”

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