quiet in your own way

quiet in your own way
by D George Gawlik

solitude is
a black dog
running along a
white beach
at midnight

solitude is
at the center of
the sun

solitude is
the sound of
one cricket
chirping from
the corner of
your cellar

solitude is
a shark
sleeping but
still sidewinding
through deep
and pressured

solitude is
hearing that
train in the
carrying no one
going nowhere

solitude is
your family
all quiet in the
ground now

solitude is
the cancer
growing within
yet unseen
and it is the
word written
your tongue
as your last
breath passes

I think that is all
there is to say
so I’ll just
leave you
alone now

in solitude

2 thoughts on “quiet in your own way

  1. Chilling. Evocative images. Might be better if ended at “as your last breath passes” but hey, the last two stanzas are sure to nail us.

    1. You may be right about that, Randall, but I think the last two verses were kind of like the last tacks in the carpet…there as a reminder that we’ve ALL felt this…but chilling and evocative? I bow back at that incredible compliment…yes, I do feel like I pointed and smacked this one into right field…

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