Nano Floating Brick

Nano Floating Brick
by Jesus Chameleon

I landed on this beautiful floating portico built up against a house.  The future city was levitating as were all the other homes in the neighborhood. George informed me that it was built shortly after the Fifth World War to conserve ground space as the population had already grown to about 10 billion people in the year 2099.

The new levitating city was an urban planning miracle made possible by the Chamoru invention of a nano floating brick that revolutionized the world of building science.  The conventional use of this featherlight brick was not so accepted before WW V, however.  You see, George Pontiff had invented it by accidentally happening upon a light element discovered on Jupiter in 2062 and extracted the new element from the Jupiter rock during his doctoral studies at Hiyoshi in 2066.

During his studies, a second doctorate—his first doctorate was in International Politics—in Chemical Engineering, the Forth World War just came to an end and the Fulbright committee was searching for a way to resolve urban planning issues in overpopulated cities like Los Angeles and offered George a full scholarship for a year abroad in an area of his choosing.  Had it not been clear in his doctoral proposal to the Fulbright committee, the worldwide controversy and his trial that started WW V would not have ever peacefully ended.  The forces of  evil would have prevailed and the nano floating brick would be in enemy hands, today.  Committed to the ideal of world peace and the spirit of the Atlantic Treaty, George Pontiff was represented by Stewart Harry, who studied Law at Cambridge, in a now landmark case won in The World Court in George Pontiff and The Fulbright Committee Vs. the Confederation of The Orient (CTO) for ownership of the patent for the discovery of the nano brick while studying abroad in the Orient.

WW V ended in 2074 much to the surprise of the whole world when evidence was presented by the brilliant Stewart Harry and his team of investigators that condemned the member countries of the CTO that had conspired to breaking into the Fulbright office, secretly altering the original application of George Pontiff.  Many years after the War ended, the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Dr. George Pontiff, the rightful owner of the patent for the discovery of the nano floating brick that revolutionized the disciplines of building science and architecture in the world.

The End

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