technological nights

technological nights
by oscar smiles

Kultusministerkonferenz…teufel heunden… a.e. …black cross on homologous to the leg…the weightbaring & choo choo terranova devices steadily evolve according to aquatic explosions with bit lips on conniption fits…is this a dream….shall i be notified according to quixotic bio inspired goldilocks sprite maneuvers bustling around the ol heap for more consumption…i should hope so…just one look…mira!…a vibratory hollerback if u know me lord…headspace technological reign of terror spread all over ur face….little boogies in your eyes as u awaken to the reality of ur own mistaken identity….mira! mira!

1 thought on “technological nights

  1. I’m drawn to the esoteric and personal. i sense dichotomies dooking it out here like roc-em-soc-em robots–earth:water; dream:reality; auditory:visual; german:spanish (‘mira! mira!’)…

    Lots of German references early on in this piece:

    The ‘Kultusministerkonferenz’ (literally conference of ministers of education) is the assembly of ministers of education of the German states. The body is not part of the federal government, and its directives do not immediately become effective, but first will have to be turned into state law.

    ‘teufel heunden’–Devil Dog is a motivational nickname for a U.S. Marine. It is said to be based on the apocryphal use of “Teufel Hunden” [sic] by German soldiers to describe Marines fighting in World War I.

    i appreciated the collage of rambunctious thought here and the goldmine of images and ideas that sink into a reader rather than instantly permeate. thx!

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