by BZ Niditch

The writer is here for an interview. Dr.Kahn let him in. Mr. Korner, sit here on the sofa,

near the statue of Goethe.”

“Thank you.”

The sunshine rolls in by the river.

” A writer,especially a poet must live in a city by a river.”

” How did you survive the century?”

“Who said I survived. I barely made it on the subway.”

“Too many crowds?”

” Pidgeons, rats on wings masking as birds. That’s why I chose

to write and illustrate my fiction in the abstract for nothing

tests our time on earth but abstraction. That is why in my

presence I may sometimes use the past tense.”

“Why are you strapping yourself in your belt?”

” I do not want to escape your judgment, Dr…

” Melchior”

“Melchior, it’s just for the moment as I untie myself to all

judgment for the critics or the regents of history or the so

called agents for change.”

Korner unties his tenuous blue belt.

“Who may they be?”

” It’s not he who had the key but who uses it.”

Korner takes the key on the table and locks the door. Then

opens his book bag with some effort and has a blood orange.

With what ardor he sucks it up and has strewn the desk with

what is left.

“That is like my afterthoughts,completely spontaneous, it

resolves all the mind body problems. I imagine my life gone in

moments when I rest from writing or painting. I once wrote a

cadenza for viola while being served at the Ritz.”

“But you have been so prolific in all the arts. You amaze me.”

“It is out of necessity that I am not confined to any social

culture or literature without a first test and argument with


Korner gestures to the mirror and takes a flute from his


” You see, Melchior you cannot ever forget my image or hardly

my imprint or name.”

” Does a writer or composer need such self containment?”

” It proves to be invaluable for any alien feeling. Here is a selfie for you, Melchior.”

” Thank you.”

” I see a painting of you already in my tired eyes and a sonata

in D major.”

” Who can resist you, a true visionary.”

Melchoir embraces Korner with a passionate kiss.

” No one can substitute a creative moment. Unfortunately time

has glutted every opportunity in this politically correct world.”

” Did you ever want to run for office or even be a figure head

president of a university or company.”

” Not really, But I will tell you, my muse plays a double

concerto in my next painting.”

” How exciting.”

“It is tentatively entitled “Abandon” and is being filmed in ten

languages as we speak. I talked it over with Dr. Kahn before we met.”

” May I call him?”

” Yes, I am doing projection and direction as Korner showed


Suddenly the doors open on the college quad with hundred in

the university community applauding the interview. Handfuls of

jonquils are given out and trumpets play the Academic


3 thoughts on “THE INTERVIEW

  1. Tres amusante. A disconnected romp through the arts and the art of interviewing elucidating nothing but fatuousness to the delight of academia.

  2. Your abuse of my underbelly has aroused suspicion. You must take care of it; I required less denouement and my glands pucker for what only strict ambiguity can release. Torque the cremaster until understanding evades all minds. This is completion.

    More cocaine for Žižek. His Shiva called in sick and the college loan is due again. Look in the coffee can. Dolphin pimp will do in a pinch.

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