TWIN BEDS (1974)

TWIN BEDS (1974)
by Monica Hall

Friday nights were golden.

I rejoiced in the knowledge

that I could slumber as I pleased.

I would be relieved once again,

Of yawning through Religion in Literature,

As was my usual weekday morning routine.

It was early evening as I stood in front of my dresser mirror,

clad in undies and a t-shirt.

Rosalie was stretched out on her bed,

Reading The Godfather by Mario Puzo.

 Late for the Sky was playing loudly on our mono stereo.

I sang along emphatically: “how long have I been sleeping…..”

I looked for a reaction from Rosalie,

But she was spellbound by her novel, slowing turning page after page.

I stood critically in front of the mirror,

Tugging at the flesh on my thighs from behind,

Which gave the illusion of thin, sleek legs.

“Look!” I yelled to Rosalie. “Hurry, look!”

“What if my thighs where naturally this skinny?”

“How cool would that be?”

Rosalie didn’t blink.

I plodded over to our closet,

Trying on a few of my sisters outfits.

“Maybe I’ll wear this next week” I said.

Rosalie shook her head, without looking up from her paperback.

“Why not!” I groused.

“You ruin my stuff”, Rosalie said matter of factly, “Remember the burn hole?”

“You’re so selfish” I pouted, as I tossed her clothes to the bottom of our closet.

“Puttana” said Rosalie under her breath.

“What the hell is that?” I said as I returned to my position in front of the mirror.

“It’s Italian” Rosalie sighed, quite annoyed at the constant interruptions.

“You don’t speak Italian” I replied in a haughty tone.

“I just did” she smiled.

With a twinge of revenge in my heart, I put Aqua Lung on the turntable.

Poor Rosalie looked up from her book for the last time.

“I WILL kill you if you bellow along to Crossed Eyed Mary”.

I grinned guiltily, turned off the stereo and left Rosalie to her solitude.

A couple weeks later I finished The Godfather as well,

And learned the meaning of puttana, among other things.

For instance, I was pleased for Rosalie’s sake,

That we did not have a horse.

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