five (5) untitled haikus

five (5) untitled haikus
by Jesus Chameleon

a cemetery

pilgrimage with hands raised…

the awe of heaven


the saints

first cherry blossoms…

worship of sunlight


crowds of believers

the erected stones side-by-side…

cats in love


beneath a cross

spring grass had swayed in the wind…

jesus praying


rays of the sun–

butterflies on laid crosses

an open field




the Mariana Islands, U.S.A.


1 thought on “five (5) untitled haikus

  1. Nice to see this form taken seriously and rendered delightfully. They don’t follow the 5-7-5 syllable rule, but one wonders why not “a pilgrimage” or “pilgrimages” in the first, and putting “the saints” and “first cherry blossoms” in line two of the second, with something else in line one. Also, in the fourth, why “had swayed” instead of “swaying?” My reworking of the fifth: slanting rays of sun/butterflies on crosses laid/on an open field. Haiku invites this kind of tinkering. Thanks, Jesus.

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