By: Oscar Smiles

I’ve the process for a clearing
It involves you and succulent rearing

The scorchland wranglers
The best of a love life

The who and when I call them
Is solely crash test superfluous

Can’t wait to get up in her
Liberty shards goin crazy

Wtf my memento has voided
Yahweh my friend my reply

Lengths to which we’ve tried
To compromise on safe keeping
And the two headed cross legged pose
Had such a thing goin on
I liked the wayward confluence
To be or not to

Whatever the clues do
I’m down for it

Concentration vamp
I’m on the kill
I’m on my way
I’m a day to day pistol xplosion

Hey ya
That is the sign for which we waive
Right right contra divisions sciatica
The erotica thunder cuss
And under the discovery the junction
The functionitis view
of rebellious silence
The conquest of the simple man
I love it
I’m having fits conceptual
I’m any eyes on me……ima kill

I am……weird that is
speaking primitively
Tell me…..what’s the shot all about
What’s taken without me….why not
just my imagination running riled

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