“says she’s against contradictions”

“says she’s against contradictions”
By: Halifax

(Counterclockwise to the Left)

Barbara Cowan believes in aliens
knows the different kinds by name
lumps illegals into one group

She preaches free market is natural law
loves everything it might produce
except Unions and regulation

Swears hand to heart hypnosis is real
recognizes subliminal messages everywhere
shrugs baffled indifferent to poetry

A good protestant, she rejects evolution
holds Divinity designed everything once
has an interior designer on speed dial

Without asking, denies being creative at all
declares she can’t even draw stick people
generates such outrageous fiction

3 thoughts on ““says she’s against contradictions”

  1. Pretty well sums it up for more than a few people out there, who indeed generate “such outrageous fiction.” Don’t know why Barbara Cowan in particular or “Counterclockwise to the Left.” Could be some added meaning here. Author?

    1. The name was picked based on the meaning of the two names.

      Counterclockwise to the Left had to do with this idea I have about politics. That it didn’t translate is fine. I’m probably wrong anyways.

  2. Funny how we can put on the x-ray glasses and see the naked truths of people’s auras. I do it a lot with politics (contradictions angle, coincidentally). Making sense of others is constant head-scratching and i’m sure they do it with us too. Unknowingly, we might be living life as part of a group we never knew existed or would ever think we belonged to. Those are some of the things i think about while reading this poem. Good one!

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