work in progress

work in progress
By: Naomi McCulloch

every working day

the skin pressed neat and taught over bones

bearing complex webs of care,

this life.

knotted arterial bundles carry each day forward, invisibly

labor, broken genius, toil, foolish dreamer

thru day and night

building and polishing the empty dreams of others

the grave beckons,

too far off to be a comfort,

too soon to behave rationally

in the confines of the perpetuity of this cell

the inevitability so forgone the mention is tedious

swirls of ancient worker dust migrate around the world

generations of populations deeply tilled into the soil


the headstone, the cornerstone

of all this

1 thought on “work in progress

  1. A grim, well-constructed perspective on human life and the civilization it is building. Good work, that stirs the hope we could come to something better.

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