The Divide

The Divide
by Oscar Smiles

And then u divide
And you itch all the fuckin time
It’s ridiculous
Ur like a rattlesnake nitemare
Crushed to death by your
Very own blows

It’s like one big puzzle
One that you can finish in a nitedream the redhead on vista ridge mall drive
Damn bro
I believe I’m onto something here
There ain’t no stoppin
Once I get to it
Love is a form all it’s own
Like the one’s told unknown
It’s where my heart resides
I fuckin love it
right in the fuckin head
No pinecone green please
I prefer pistachio olive twine
Reproductive glands in a blue roan

Funicular implosion kinks
The books
You carried them all this way
Like the sweet sweet smell
Of rain
And coke

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