First Skate

First Skate
by Dean Smith

Anticipation builds as I near the pond
Mixed with anxiety–waiting so long
Every fall I look forward to gliding
O’er this frozen oval on steel blades riding

Tis a beautiful, blissful, luxury
To sail so smooth outside–swift, light and free
With rosy cheeks and nose in frosty chill
‘Neath blue sky and bright sun–what a great thrill!

But danger may lurk at Idlewild Lake
If I should make the most foolish mistake
Of being impatient on my new skates
And venturing on ice too thin for my weight!

It’s clear as glass right down to the bottom
And a hand width thick or so I reckon
Tiny white stars are scattered here this day
And a startled brown trout wiggles away

I gingerly, slowly crawl on all fours
And hear a CRACK! and GROAN! on the far shore
But the surface holds and I stand up tall
And gently push off praying I won’t fall

The wait was worth it as I skim along
And as I predicted the ice holds strong
Back and forth I race along the north bank
And to nature’s Creator I give thanks
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