images of the walking falls

images of the walking falls
by Josiah Bomburger

images of the walking falls
through me into the black fortress of Yoni

the death was glass
a sarcophogus made with webbing
and the rhythm was haunting

a clock slowed and twisted the beat
you could see the change of air
spiraling into the walls
i saw the horizon
it was soft like a flower’s petal
i laid my head on it,
closed my weary eyes
and felt it turn

this was a blessing
of breast milk that tasted cinnamon-honey
and my nostrils gave way to crystalized berries

there were corals of the savior’s blood
lying parallel
a pine needle watch struck 13
and the nights were forgotten
by the pumpkin people
so they walked off
clawing at the lock

dampness turned the moon to the sun
again and
again and
until i washed away
with the cold

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