Escape the Slimy Hand

Escape the Slimy Hand
By: Shawn Misener

this brain factory keeps me busy
and comfortably distant from death

keep the brains moving down the line
set the screws in the grey matter
tap tap tap away at the pineal gland

bombard them with graphical info
smash them with complex statistics
above all calibrate those motherfuckers!

slip slip slap the brains into the zombies
and watch them go stuttering away
send them toward the blah cubicles
with a new highlighter and an old laptop

there’s the boss, he appears pleased
when the shiny finely- tuned brains
work as one
speedy and unified in purpose

move on, death!
we are alive, the ants feeding the fire
doubt kills
doubt opens the door to the abyss
so just go just do just go do go
and you’ll surely escape the slimy hand

1 thought on “Escape the Slimy Hand

  1. It’s good to wake up to a Misener poem! I surely do feel slimed and molested from the ‘slimy hand’ of this bean-counting ‘get in line’ dystopia of a world. Dilbert x a million. lol. Sometimes i think this world is a hell from being bad in the real one; other times i try and take the positives and do what i need to survive hopefully without becoming too much a tool or status quo- mofo.

    Anyways, i appreciated the warning in this poem which echoes Voltaire: “Doubt is unagreeable, but certainty is ridiculous.”

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