One Night

One Night
By: Brandi Guthrie

If your eyes touch me like that again,

I may require the feel of your skin.

Away from the fireside I`ll lead you down.

They won`t notice if we don`t make a sound.

The waterline dances for the wind`s nightly show,

As bare skin meets together beneath the moon`s glow.

Can I reveal the passion I`ve held in secret?

If you pull me in quickly, I`ll forget to regret.

And all of this time, all the nights I have dreamt,

Will fail to compare to this seductive event.

Slide under the cold for a heated embrace.

Then just for tonight we can leave this place.

Lost am I as I drown in your eyes.

And my last inhibition gallantly dies.

I realize I don`t possess your heart,

But I`ve peaked your interest and that`s a start.

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