A Day of Fate

A Day of Fate
By: Halifax

I shared a birthday with Anne Sexton.
Three of us had Spanish olives and mare’s milk outside the city.
After, we watched a witch wand a six-inch tall pervert.
She was killing him with his fondest wish.

My sister was invited but she didnt show.
I played our music anyway and Minnaloushe danced.
Pluto stalked the shadow that danced with her.
The two soon spat and fought and made mad kittens in the grass.

The picnic done, we waved our friend goodbye.
Anne drove home in her own car.
I took the damp pervert to a shelter
And called to see if my sister was alright.

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1 thought on “A Day of Fate

  1. Conveyance of a dream? Waking, are we dreaming–or dreaming are we finally awake? The 6 inch perv reminds me of an Almodóvar film i saw–very erotic. It’s relieving to break beyond the Puritan jello we waller. Sharing a birthday with Sexton has got to be an awful rowing towards God but Minnaloushe keeps Minnie Pearl in line at Minnetonka. Love the cast of characters in this one! A literary picnic well done!

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