Bikini Girl from Kung Pow, Das Horn Niello, Märzen-style Ale for what ails Shia Labeouf; Wrecked Pimp Galfonier


Bikini Girl from Kung Pow, Das Horn Niello, Märzen-style Ale for what ails Shia Labeouf; Wrecked Pimp Galfonier
by Quasimofo

“Everything that surrounds us has been designed–from the paperclip and the iPod, to our homes and the way we live.”
–from ‘DESIGN: A-Z’  –Bayley and Conran–

i want explicit vulgar sex before during and after every prime time Charlie Brown special.
–Don’t know if i can swig rutt to ‘Shia surprise’ and ‘turn down for what’ using a ‘frontier psychiatrist’
but exempt status is the wiener schmidtzinsky on the top of the mountain Croctoberfest.
From an aptitude for moue oubliettes altitude we’ve earned the right to piss acid lager onto the faces of those below
gazing upon skies bluer than Katy Perry’s pubes and endless forests guzzlin’  sparkling rivers bottled water source
wondering if anyone’s ever learned a language by hiring full time whores from foreign countries.
You have to have a certain manner in the manor for the ultima ratio regum enscribed on the 1st golden commode
to give banks the idea of direct deposit.
Kate Upton rocks a deuce singing “Wii ooo Wii ooo Wii ooo” !
a poodle                         , a strudel                       , a marmalade menudo noodle         .
There was this notion of a Ballet Valet business where cars got parked by nutcrackers and tutued moseilles
yet to be hashed out by Peyton Manning after his strategic aquisition
of Papa Johns Pizza franchises following the legalization of Saint Cannabis.
La Leche League has nothing to do with Pokemon.  Blandissory. Frantic antics red ant antlers. Miley Cyborg.
Every once in a while i like to listen to a Codex like no other Codex called the Montpelier Codex from the 13th century which was a simpler time
when you were either a peasant or royalty, no confusing middle class or social ladder.
And a person could expect to check out around 40 and not worry about 401 K or arthritis.
Also, in the 13th century, you didn’t have ‘dogs’–you had ‘hounds’.
Hounds, hounds, everywhere hounds. They doubled as hunters and vacuum cleaners. And they were medieval ‘tasers’.
If anybody tried to steal your loaves, they’d get the hounds!
‘Love’s Illusion’–“Call me old fashioned, but I don’t love you cause you’re a llama unicorn!”
Monkey sea, monkey doo-doo. Taboo-boo.
What’s pleasing to the eye prevents Genocyrano deBergerac.
As soon as he received his baptism by fire, they froze him in criogenics.
How can we depend on so many alpha males who are beta testers?
i am no fan of ‘zoomorphic’ by the paisley polurethane foam logogram that can only beseech nudes in turn of century grand prix teakettle mettle skelter.
camera                            lunchbox                     sacklunch                 hunchback
Old Black Master Betty says: ‘Where’s the push button fireplaces?’
Kung Pow Bikini Girl says: ‘Dome lights on Volkswagen bugs can replace the sun’.

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