Mercurial management

Mercurial management
by Randall Nicholas

Mercurial management: how to make more
Out of a foot-tired, rhyme-assaulted brain,
Wrench new reflection from a frosted mirror,
Circle back to head off where the rabbit ran.
Six-hundred episodes in a perfect pile,
Dust on the dictionary, thesaurus,
J.B. Hunt Intermodal headed soul-
Searching into the eastern phosphorous
Ferry me across forgetfulness to a shore
Kissing the sassafras hand red, yellow, orange
Where adolescents scorn to call me Sir,
I take a margarita with my porridge,
Squeeze blood from a turnip, gold from rice, knead
Foregone illumination from a beat.

1 thought on “Mercurial management

  1. This is my favorite poem of yours ever! It’s one of those that i could read, reread, contemplating multiple angles of ideas and images. Even though this piece expresses some ‘Sturm und Drang’, i found it soothing. thx for sharing!

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