by Casey Bush
“The tragedy of sexual intercourse
Is the perpetual virginity of the soul.” – WB Yeats

During the earliest millennium
Premature aging was noted
Among eunuchs of Egyptian pharaohs
Just as castration of roosters
Leads to atrophy of their red combs
Mystery of aging hidden within the scrotum
It was the Greeks who established that the difference
Between the gods and mere mortals was in the cajones
A fact bemoaned by a besotted Apollo
Too inebriated to properly get it up
While Zeus gathered Rocky Mountain oysters
Consuming a steady diet of bull testicles
In preparation for the rape of Europa
In the heroic Age of Exploration
Conquistadors driven by visions of gold
And sexual enslavement
Falsely pursued their futile quest
To the ends of the Earth
Seeking eternal life in a perpetual New World
Until Ponce de Leon had to be satisfied sipping
An aphrodisiac tea drawn from the Bahamian love vine
Phytogenic substitution for his illusive Fountain of Youth
Still today in our fading patriarchal age
Leather clad geezers straddle motorcycles
Rattling their balls on the way to the saloon
So that they might exercise a death grip on the pool cue
Destined to sink an eight ball in the side pocket
Dreaming of the climatic ocean sunset
Observed from a clawfoot bathtub
Old codger with his dewy gland
Waiting for the prescription to kick in
Hoping to stay out of the emergency room
With a hard on that just won’t stop
Even after the fatal cardiac arrest.

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