Warts And All

Warts And All
By Chris Bodor 02.27.05

Fate brought our hearts together in February.
At last, what was lost was now found.
We found a home for happiness.
Love at first sight and sound.

This year you have seen my ugly side.
Helped me through the worst of times.
Still you are with me,
By my side.
Questions are building up inside.
I am taking the time to ask tonight.
Do you love me,
Warts and all?

Can we smooth out our situations,
Big and small?
Iron out issues.
Break away the barrier.
Take down the wall.

Who knows what doors a kiss might open?
What words will pass though unlocked lips?
At this moment in time I want you to know,
Our love will grow,
If you love me warts and all.

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