You’re ol familiar


You’re ol familiar
by Larla Wirtz

This is not a place for children. This place; for liars and thieves. Portrait painters and Arabian prostitutes. Boys who sing their lover sonnets and whisper forgettable passions. Herion cascades down the backs of elderly women with magnums wrapped in dusty brown packaging. Only the freaks are normal. Familiar tongues lick the dew off twenty-somethings breasts. Time fades and the story repeats itself in the morning.

1 thought on “You’re ol familiar

  1. Reminds me of a respite gone awry, but keeps you going. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, camp out in your stucco pueblo disco.

    i liked the imagery–surreal.

    ‘Herion’ from line two is not a misspelling of ‘heroin’.
    Herion: “A terrible, addictive drug that kills many people every day. It takes the people you love away and can make the last impression they leave you feeling depressed and unloved. People often feel that they were not “enough” to keep the addict alive. Herion is a strong drug and it speaks for it’s self. When you loose someone to herion it is likely the person was gone long before they passed. Herion will scream over even the strongest and loudest personalities.” [Urban Dictionary].

    Sometimes when you’re going thru this life struggle, you gotta find something ‘familiar’ and snuggle. And yes, “only the freaks are normal”.

    Thanks for sharing!

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