Death has a lengthy head of urgency

Death has a lengthy head of urgency
by Oscar Smiles

Death has a lengthy head of urgency

classification module: 1TS

systemic tumor

the red winged blackbird


You must know that

you are not alone

Snilt bitches

Crop and tide


Up to sooo good

Parting lips

Degenerous sik dips

U decide


I like looking down

Burning bushes lecture

Freak fractures posted

Where are they now


The black winged redbird

Railing on good goo and blast

I type the beats mitzi

Time encapsulations


This rate can also skirmish

And carry on

At a rate of xenophobic proportion

Here comes the days

When two dozen trill zillion

Munches on the given expansion

Blockin the frock spectacles…


Redlight amaze flurgs

Treadlite thru hazebergs

Or go all out……idontgiveashuck

Blacklite noir releases phoboticals

Snatching flog from the warm beast


Winin cant ride on a demon season

Can’t bleed in a flogging freeze

Breathing too blinkly flinking

Cacacourse it is……surrendering

Slack jawed fuckfaces

Genii slackhover lovers

Bent on death

















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