uh hmmm. and how does that make you feel?

uh hmmm. and how does that make you feel?
by Tara Przybille Bradley

Washing his face, Richard thinks,
“Damn, I hate fat people.”
He puts on his work suit and leaves his apartment.
As Richard walks and skips to his studio
He stares at the people walking by
And shudders at the jiggling, bouncing blubber
On bellies. And chins. And asses.
In his waiting room are several women
And two men. He kisses them all.
They hug him with desperation and flabby triceps.
In his striped shorts and purple tank top
Richard begins to jump and gyrate.
He pushes down the bile rising in his throat,
Takes a deep breath and yells,
“Who’s ready to start sweatin’ to the oldies?!”

1 thought on “uh hmmm. and how does that make you feel?

  1. Gene Simmons was accused of being devil spawn, and now Richard Simmons! jk. Loved the humor of this piece and the idea of a fiend lurking behind an angelic demeanor. We put on fascades upon fascades. Sometimes even those with masks don’t realize they put them on and don’t recognize themselves in the mirror. A person searching for themself may be on a path rather than having reached a destination. Anyways, i enjoyed the read! Thx for sharing!

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