The Christmas Exchange

The Christmas Exchange
{Ho Ho Ho}

By: Halifax

I don’t believe in christmas.

what do you mean christmas? You mean Santa?

no, I believe in Santa. I don’t believe in christmas.

As in there’s no such thing?

Yes. Exactly.

Well that’s ludicrous. Christmas may come but once a year but it sure enough comes.

Really? What does it look like? Have you really ever seen christmas? There’s stuff people buy at the store to put up in their regular house to make it look like christmas but that’s just a costume. It’s all fake. Even the trees are fake. All fake fake fake. No such thing as christmas. I don’t even believe there ever was one. Well, maybe once but it sure didn’t look like the stuff that gets put out there as if it was real.

Oh I see, this is a jest. A send up of commercialism and all that. I get it. Satire. I understand.

Satire? Heck no. There is no real christmas. It’s all pretend and everybody knows it but no one will admit it. The commercialism is just another layer of the fakery. There’s no such thing and I wish people would stop acting like it’s real. We are not in control of simply deciding what is real and what is not.

Then I don’t believe in you. You’re just an ape sitting there making simple sounds into empty space. They have no meaning and I can’t pretend they do. Is that what you want?

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1 thought on “The Christmas Exchange

  1. When does tradition become merely ritual. Or was it from the beginning? I like the dialogue format here. Well played! We may either keep Tylenol in business from the incessant headache of asking ‘Why?’ dawn till dusk and in our sleep, but that’s better than paying for new sneakers walking the rigmarole rut circular of unthinking acceptance.

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