New Writers To Look Out For

chloeNew Writers To Look Out For

Chloe Honum is a tremendously talented poet who we’ve had the chance to publish a few times now. Her first collection, The Tulip Flame, came out in 2014 to many well-deserved accolades across the poetry world, including praise from Pulitzer winners Claudia Emerson and Tracy Kidder. Trained as a ballet dancer, you can sense an almost muscular, but always graceful, control in her lines; the emotional register is as powerful and lithe as a leaping dancer. Chloe tells me she is working on a memoir about growing up in New Zealand and her mother’s suicide: I suspect it may be a tough read but know it will be a beautiful one.

-Emily Nemens, Coeditor and Prose Editor of The Southern Review

We’re excited to bring much-deserved attention to Austin Smith, whose 2014 Narrative Prize–winning story “The Halverson Brothers” captivated us when it came across our desks this year. It’s a dark tale with echoes of the biblical — the brothers’ rivalry hearkens to Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau — and the style evokes such literary greats as Salter, Maxwell, and Berry. Austin is equally adept in the world of verse; his poetry collection Almanac (2013) was chosen for the Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets. I hope to see much more from this dedicated young author.

Another writer to watch out for is Adam O’Fallon Price, a fiction instructor at Cornell. He submitted the wry yet melancholy “Objects of Desire” to our iStory contest and impressed our team, including guest judge Ann Beattie. Ann wrote, “You have to read the whole story as if you’re the cinematographer: now here, now there, what’s happening off-camera.” That kind of movement is difficult to achieve in 150 words, but Adam managed to fit a whole world into a small space.

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