by Danusha Lame?ris

I don’t know when it slipped into my speech
that soft word meaning, “if God wills it.”
Insha’Allah I will see you next summer.
The baby will come in spring, insha’Allah.
Insha’Allah this year we will have enough rain.

So many plans I’ve laid have unraveled
easily as braids beneath my mother’s quick fingers.

Every language must have a word for this. A word
our grandmothers uttered under their breath
as they pinned the whites, soaked in lemon,
hung them to dry in the sun, or peeled potatoes,
dropping the discarded skins into a bowl.

Our sons will return next month, insha’Allah.
Insha’Allah this war will end, soon. Insha’Allah
the rice will be enough to last through winter.

How lightly we learn to hold hope,
as if it were an animal that could turn around
and bite your hand. And still we carry it
the way a mother would, carefully,
from one day to the next.

1 thought on “Insha’Allah

  1. Insha’allah the Islamists in Iraq and Syria and Nigeria and Palestine and in the countries of Europe and as well as the two with bombs in Boston will come down with terminal Ebola and cease to masquerade as Allah-loving people seeking conversions by sword and gun.

    Insha’allah why don’t decent Muslims speak up en masse and do something to stop these renegades killing in the name of Allah?

    Insha’allah aybe the Crusades should have finished the job.

    Insha’allah Barack Hussein Obama tells us we have to be nice to good Muslims.

    Insha’allah maybe he should tell us how to know the difference.

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