craigslist housing post Oakland, CA 2012

craigslist housing post Oakland, CA 2012

 $700 queer organic anarcho-zen band art coven haus (oakland north / temescal)
How can a rental agency claim to be equal opportunity and then ask for a credit score based on racist, classist, slavementality dogmas? If that bothers you as well, please read on. Do you do your job so that one day you can afford to live your dream, or are you ready to live your dream now, in the path of life?

we are looking for members to start a house with us.
here is the premise:
you have to be in the band to live in the house. no previous musical experience required, only a willingness to explore and be open to the new, and join in at least 1 of several group improv/practice session per week.
common spaces to be used for group art and music projects, yoga, meditation, dance, group meals, social gatherings, performances, film screenings, a variety of group healing modalities (acupuncture, radical group therapy, sound healing…) , political organizing, practicing anarcho magick (sorry, NO batshit crazies), ceremonies, talking about ideas, hanging out, being.
vegetarian house. no meat in the house. we all share food and eat organic, and as local as possible. in this house we don’t purchase or use any products that support the capitalist colonial patriarchal resource gobbling earth and body poisoning trashy bullshit status quo: We wear secondhand or ethically/sustainably made clothing, practice herbal/holistic health, don’t use nasty scented soaps perfumes, harsh chemical cleaners.
We won’t have a tv. would like to have a projector. focus on consuming engaged non-homogenizing/non-

zombifying media.
no couches and other bulky furniture. pillows and floor cushions to keep space open and flexible. Lots of books, art supplies, music equipment.
we want to live as ecologically and healthily as possible. group projects of this nature would include permaculture gardening, greywater systems, plants indoor and out, water filters for sink and shower, building a solar dehydrator, vertical gardening, growing medicinal plants. A shared space with a yard would be great to work on eco building, making a sweat lodge.
This is a DIY house. Everyone works together on projects, cleaning, cooking, eating, healing, challenging themselves and each other spiritually and artistically and politically. This house is engaged in the collective liberation of all people everywhere, something only accomplished by listening, learning, and trying your best, with yourself, with other haus members and friends, with the larger community, and beyond. In this haus we recognize and condemn harmful behaviors, thoughts, organizations, and systems, and forgive and love people. In this haus we like to make noise, and we also like to be quiet. We like to have people coming through, learning, sharing, staying, eating, but also take space for ourselves, for each other, for studious studio work.
Friendly towards the practice of using plants for health, recreation, spiritual guidance, creativite inspiration etc. Not friendly towards nihilist escapist body poison check-out practices.
Flexible sleep schedules. Life is organized around the present moment(um).

Expect from us: professional bike support, serious kitchen skills and tools, a vision and colossal effort towards cleanliness efficiency harmony and beauty, laughter, love, an amazing record and art collection, music and recording gear, an expansive working knowledge of (and some reading materials related to) avaunt-guarde /spiritual/relevant/engaging music and art, mythology, political theory and history, philosophies of mind and body and consciousness, self-healing, poetry,….

some resources to get the picture:
Sun Ra , The Crass House , Ron Finley guerrilla gardening , Kurt Schwitters, Dada, Vandana Shiva, Terrence McKenna, Joseph Campbell, Slavoj Zizek, Cornell West, Howard Zinn, Carlos Castaneda, Carl Jung, Cormac McCarthy, Ariel Pink, Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros, Blechdom from Blechdom, Amon Duul, Yoko Ono, Alejandro Jodorowski, Emma Goldman, Black Elk, occupy/ de-colonize, Idle No More, Eckart Tolle, Night of the Liana, Wild Fermentation, One Straw Revolution, Zen Lessons in Leadership:

We are ready to see places and move into one now. Let’s go to open house day Saturday together? We are excited to hear from you, and ready to answer all your questions.

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