Ride that Mappaloosa

Ride that Mappaloosa
by Dan Raphael


Paper tear

A map in shreds

Map shreds made into a globe

Light shines through

Improper projection

Right side up—ask the sun

No stars below

The map behind the map

A virgin grid

Crow vs. car

Bicycle with pogo stick wheels to jump cars & fences

Streets not on the map

10 google camera cars exploding on the same day

The satellite realized it was orbiting the wrong planet

Map on my head, map gift wrap, lamp shade

A map of reed & shells

My palm maps my life

4 colors to avoid adjacent bleeding

A 19th century map

A map of the land beneath antarctica

For a week the earth had no magnetic lines; they came back with new assignments & uniforms

My nav system only speaks korean

I spent days origami-ing the map into an almost sphere

When land and ocean were in separate huddles

When it rained dirt

Shoveling water that’s not frozen

Road paved with maps

The square on his bicep is the shape of his birth state

If the mountains were pressed flat & the land allowed to flow freely

Soon china and india will overlap

As ice shrinks borders swell

Instead of “Oregon” my map says “mine”

Photoshopped the map to take out topographic wrinkles

You cant spell check a map

The map of where we’re going won’t come out ‘til next summer

With my magnifying glass i eliminated st louis

From free maps to maps that charge every time you look at them

Homing shoes—never get lost

Asked the map for directions, got no answer

Put a tin foil map on my head & had no where to go

Bath towel map

Roll up that 100$ map and rail some dust

All the names have been replaced with coordinates

Is that the horizon or a fold

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