… And Jaundice For All

… And Jaundice For All
by Parker Weston

Gradual recreational suicide on this molding meat host

for consuming, destructive and devolved parasitic primates

living in hives like us is predictable behavior and appearances.

Stagnant elimination of identity is the key

to occasional elections of new demigods,

promising fantasies through taught fear.

My crash-course rape on layaway is for hypocritical abstractions

made for intellectually devoid emotions’ motivation on a mass scale

just as much for distant observation without diluting inbred purity.

We like to do our part and give back

through vain selflessness of boastful egos,

that is when we’re not too busy appreciating

the wiping of asses on canvas and

distracting competitions for vicarious idols

on the programmed mirror for a sheltered, substituted reality.

I wish the thinning of the herd to make peace

would stop just long enough so I didn’t miss

my favorite canned parodies of mock domestic bliss.

Too bad I have to go to Propaganda Control and Thought Guidance so much.

That’s gradual, recreational suicide on this molding meat host though I guess.

Don’t forget to wear a pleasing, contorted facial spasm

as an ambiguous sign of mental health!

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