house broke

House Broke
By: Halifax

disposable income
less than 1% or the dehumanizing effects of wealth

the rich are our pets
we walk them around
with baggies handy

we spoil them rotten
make them the best
kibble and sports cars

they make eyes at us
nothing’s too good
for our wealthy pets

we forgive their antics
treat them with cheese
to watch them waddle
through lowered hoops

they think they own us

mewling about freedom
they want to go out
from kennel communities
but want right back in
frightened by eveything

we should get them fixed
their young are useless
digging up the garden
making little accidents
on our rented furniture
but they’re so adorable
it’s impossible to say no

the rich are our pets
they only play at life

money shields them
their worth is a collar
to keep animal control
from destroying them
it says they have owners
coming to claim them

don’t get mad at them
they are unable to know
what it takes in work
to provide the shelter
and the interest shared
that affords them room

without a grasp of cost
money is no object to them
it tinkles around the neck
dangling as it always has

occasionally there arises
a usefulness to owning them
like a need to place blame
to make excuses for someone
besides ourselves

they’re vicarious minions
happy to act on our
latent desire to surprise
and nip at neighbor kids

they are companion animals
to an unending lesson
intended to educate people
the care of ingrates

we are the caretakers
they don’t give a damn
putting turds on the lawn
and holes in the fence

one day time will come
to, in mercy, put them down
hang the collar on a peg
as a sign their life
enriched ours as well

until then love them
as one of the family
we will miss them afterward
closer knit in their passing

3 thoughts on “house broke

    1. Disney version or book? I prefer the Disney version where the dog clearly has distemper and poses an immediate threat to his family. The book is cold-blooded Han-shot-first ruthless prairie justice. Where the Red Fern Grows-style would be best…the dogs die defending their owner from cougar attack. MILFs beware!

  1. When reading this, i imagine Halifax using a time machine to go back to 18th century France and recite this poem at a guillotine festival. But i’m twisted, or rather my mind is. For me, this piece seems very original and fearlessly takes on what many might deem a taboo subject–class struggle. Loved the analogies of rich people being pets. Compelling flow. Humorous yet thought provoking. well done, sir.

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