by Gary Hewitt

Hand hovers
Fingers flap
Wasted web

Curiosity crushed
Flies flee
Spinner summoned

Arachnid abdicates
Human’s home
Idiot inspects

Eggs exhumed
Weaver wanders
Towards tower

Garden grief
Gnats gyrate
Deathwatch despair

Prison pounces
Venom vivifies
Fangs fillet

Manmade mistake
Home hacked
Nourished neighbour.

1 thought on “Outcast

  1. Gary Hewitt, always the raconteur and confidante of our
    con artist world where only a reshaped language can recognize
    and reveal the mysteries of the collectible loss and crime today of our literary world’s loss of goods where only a cogent cognoscente and poet will offer its condolences with his concrete arrangements of shapely words.

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