American Ale, Surrealist Spookaboo, Baby Huey, Ecstatic Cling Abstract Wrap, and Reclining Buddha Nature Sticky Observatory…

American Ale, Surrealist Spookaboo, Baby Huey, Ecstatic Cling Abstract Wrap,
and Reclining Buddha Nature Sticky Observatory…
[Saxon High King Wuffa Remix]


i can’t read or write poetry so i throw the bones of words phrases thoughts
and prophesize how you’ll beat cannibalistic missing link:
i am not a troll.
i am a billy goat.
Beastiality has been legalized in Alaska.
a bear rug is warm.
a bear is warmer.
you’re slip   shod    is       showing.
Slap jack of all blades..
the ESC button–
the es crow c raven
quoth i cake
holes       /
*In the 23rd century chaos and destruction reign. The only thing protecting law and order
is ‘The Wayne Gang’, genetic clones and fabrications of John Wayne, Wayne Gretzky, Wayne Newton,
Lil Wayne, Wayne from ‘Wayne’s World’, and Bruce Wayne. Together, they impose their own brand
of justice on a devolutioned and distopian existence.


ii.  Lady Godiva UFC
–a painting by Pascuale’ Von Schneider–

Equine Opportunity Employed
the nevernude
for  white chocolate
tom did his thang,
and jack did his…



i was branded in the anus by Anubis
We all go hurrah for Ra–
can’t jack-el-ope without an Egyptian Supermodel.
Mama Soul.
i’m not afraid of darkness, just its metaphor.
you don’t need the key to someone’s heart if they keep it dummy locked..
*Not all cows live in a pasture. Some cows live in the forest.
These cows are called forest cows.
?John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, thank God his name is not my name too.


4. On Max Ernst’s The Orange Blossom :
nine teen and thirty one
rows colum nic nac patty wac
vanilla sprouts
a chance
up – above
-shit                 .



the fake orchestra was just a symphoney.
every 4 years we elect a prom king.
i’d start an art movement but i’m terrified it’d be usurped
by overzealous french canadians.
monicle of the steam punk pimp gobleteers.
i wonder what state I will find the world today,
and how I can use shock hegelian dialectics to change it.
i’ve decided to quit my job and to go into business
for myself as a piñata maker.
it’s an up and down industry that’s taken a lot of hits,
but so far I’ve got contracts for 5 quinceneras.
facebook entry: on the pot watching ‘Sons of Anarchy’/ drinking whiskey / smoking weed.
we are living in a time that is closer to the reign
of genghis khan than genghis khan to the life of alexander the great.
rupert had thought to take the jewelry world by storm
when he introduced the first ever “gold diamond”.
but alas, people merely pointed and laughed.
i long for the easy beat lounge which is a couple notches
above elevator on the biorhythm sphygmomanometer of one’s musical atman.
noone, i mean noone, should ever have their okra seized.
some day, spend all day listening to nino ferrer.
find the theme song for your own axe gang on grand theft auto 6 where
you control the lower east side across the river near the sanitorium.
spend the next day listening to janko nilovic.
remember: pesticide companies have recently added enemas to their list
of services to accommodate the growing number of people who have a bug up their ass.
the day after that check out 400lb baby huey and the album he never saw.
last but least/and at least=sometimes a thirst for knowledge leads to a hunger for ignorance.
Make a fortune posting videos on Youtube doing donuts in a donut shop parking lot.
end it on a positive note.
butterflies substituting beer for nectar and turning into angelic ganja ninjas in oregon.

5 thoughts on “American Ale, Surrealist Spookaboo, Baby Huey, Ecstatic Cling Abstract Wrap, and Reclining Buddha Nature Sticky Observatory…

    1. You’re hired! I shall call you ‘King Osric the Usurper’, from the first Conan movie! I trust a Cimmerian over French Canadians any day. lmao. Glad you enjoyed.

        1. Super bon bon with the cinnabon.
          Big Ol Aunt Jemima,
          Comin’ for to carry you home;
          [They didn’t have waffle syrup in Rome].
          La France! Viva their sex toys and toast!
          This is just a reminda–don’t eat crocpot roast.
          Caught between free will and ‘Free Willy’.
          Keep it in your pants young paduwon;
          Or unleash the Asgardian serpent–schlong-o-gong’
          Powdered sugar goes well with cocaine;
          I’ve got 100 pennies at a dollar store–let it rain!
          Forsake your ancestry for Juanita’s breakfast tamales;
          Then buy some white shorts and tour the Zimbabwes.

    2. And oh yeah, i chained some links in the poem for music and whatnot. Just mouse over the funky looking black type if you’d like. No porn though. hehe. Maybe next one.

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