Black Hole

the absence of space
By: Halifax

there is a hole
so absent in mass
time cannot escape
the gravity vacuum

we sit existing
on the skin of it
every second slips
into it and is gone

This pit is powerful
but not so powerful
it can hold memory
Memory is even less

memory is a hole
so absent in mass
the only thing less
massive never happened
though we tend to forget
orbiting its potential
and this has saved us
time and time again.

2 thoughts on “Black Hole

  1. I started reading this poem on black holes and was really taken in. I sometimes find myself in the mindset of “get thru it” where I just keep plugging away with work, bills, etc and get in that waiting mode like swimming in deep waters trying to get to the surface for air. But we can create our own black holes in the way we perceive and it limits us. We have to figure a way to orbit that which is more substantial. …To move, to not get sucked into that demise of nothingness we create from that void we call “fear”. Great poem, thanks for sharing.

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