On Occasion

 On Occasion
    by Grace Paley

    I forget the names of my friends
    and the names of the flowers in
    my garden my friends remind me
    Grace      it’s us      the flowers just
    stand there stunned by the mid-
    summer day

    A long time ago my mother said
    darling      there are also wild flowers
    but look      these I planted

    my flowers are pink and rose and
    orange      they’re sturdy      they make
    new petals everyday to fill in
    their fat round faces

    suddenly before thought I
    called out ZINNIA      ZINNIA
    ZINNIA      along came a sunny
    summer breeze they swayed and
    lightly bowed so I said Mother

1 thought on “On Occasion

  1. Always her witty critical novel self Grace Paley explores her
    extra terrestrial borders and extends her nature to a new
    more than garden variety poetry.

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