Desires of a Post-Modern Daydreamer

Desires of a Post-Modern Daydreamer
by Snow

I want more do wop. I want due diligence. I want more time. I want life… the magazine. At the job, I want a weekend partner that works fast but, I will reluctantly accept a slow one that says God Bless you when I sneeze. I want less hitch in my giddy-up. I wanna be missed. I want more irreverence. I prefer to not have iceberg lettuce but if comes with the sub, I want it very fresh, sliced thin.

I wanna see the Stones. I wanna remember the Ted Nugent concert i did see. I want all my arguements to be with sane people, we can refer to them as spirited discussions.

I want to make bubble and squeak better than Maya Angelo’s Ex husband can. je parle fracais. I wanna ask would you hide me out if needed?

I want to know the exact score of Penn State Football games at all times so i can talk to white guys at weddings. I want peace not just for the whole world but for me when watching Survivor. I don’t want to bet on a chestnut colored mare with a scintillating coat.
I want a shot blocking power forward who can board and finish.

I want a bahn mi sandwich with extra veggies. I want Billy Joel to record a new Cd of original material, he can wait until his hips heal. I want to be thought of as nice. I wish I lived in a time and a place where lines like “yo, female can i get that area” never work and “can I read this to you” just might. I want to live to see my son’s sons. I want everlasting life.

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