Time has Stolen my Space Hopper

Time has Stolen my Space Hopper
by Ben Macnair

Time has stolen my Space Hopper,
punctured my hope,
fired Wasps at the spokes of my bicycle.
It has played Swingball with broken promises,
spouted more nonsense than Dr Suess,
given away my dreams,
broken love beyond all use.

Time has lined my forehead,
broken the bones of my career,
dislocated a sense of direction,
run poison through my veins,
given my pets their proper Latin names.

Time has run away with the afternoon,
replaced the Sun, with the reflected glory of the moon.
It has stolen my friends, replaced them with memories,
and far too many acquaintances.
Time has stolen my Space Hopper,
misplaced my Frisbee,
lost the batteries to my Major Morgan,
thrown dust over the floor and the broom,
and said if you don’t visit here,
you can’t call this your room.

2 thoughts on “Time has Stolen my Space Hopper

  1. This ‘Time’ is more of a bitch than ‘Love’ by the sounds of it. I’d take a Tardis Shotgun and plug it up Times ass blowing particles of kaleidoscopic fecal matter thru the cosmos. Alas, this might interject the prospect of ‘will’ into that notion of becoming one with nature to achieve peace. Awareness of time gives it existence and fruition. Achieving the kind of happiness where you lose track of time is the ‘Space Hopper’ we all seek. Great poem! Thx for sharing!

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