Choice Words

Choice Words
by Ivan Jenson

Let me be
you are not
exactly the shape
size and circumference
that titillates my receptors
while you have been
within my trajectory
I have not
experienced that
so very important
moment of bonding
that would motivate
me to pull the
emotional trigger
where I might
offer or request
and therefore
I have concluded
that although
you were worth
the proverbial
exchanging of
body fluidity
it is best
you put on
your JC Penny
loafers and

1 thought on “Choice Words

  1. Reminds me of Flight of the Conchords “Robots” spliced with “Business Time”. lmao. i think the short lines no punc 1 complete thought was the best way to go with this one–good flow! It’s like a one night stand with a nuclear physicist–loved it!

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