blearily loping

blearily loping
by Shannon Baker

blearily loping toward a
gleaming, grand indifference
gratitude signalcrossed
smashbroken into, midsentence, bent
over and back, but
still singing out questions.
striking self onward, shapeless
and wondering whether
or not. and how.
where and

1 thought on “blearily loping

  1. This piece struck a chord with me as an aspie. Over-analyzing and letting sensory bombardment brings a lot of worry and anxiety. But you have to work thru it to either calm or talk yourself down and/or eliminate the stressors. Either way it’s a job–“blearily loping toward a gleaming…”. Loved those signiture Shannon Baker word splices: “signalcrossed”, “smashbroken”…
    Thanks for sharing!

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