Green Heron Scolding a Common Grackle,

Green Heron Scolding a Common Grackle,
by Cocteau

lady carrying branches over a rock bridge, and two crows. Sublime.
Billie Holiday, Prussian blue. Onomatopoeia: glimmer, glimmer.

George Gordon (Lord) Byron loved soda water as did Benjamin Disraeli.
Icarus liked jazz. Lower case, why not? Why not wax poetic, why not?
And what about Botero? Stone spangled with with stars and of copper

you are the face bathed in moonlight, and morning and dusk, and
time has come today, this day. This field of bauxite and of Botero.

Ellie made sodas for Opie and Andy. One small step for a man: Durer
would’ve seen a reason. Like tiny grumps/ they copy dance steps in
a remarkable reversal of previous mores. Red as blude rede sea-urchins

a-glow/ in an incandescent shimmer, beyond a covert balustrade– the
road to Morocco. And Botero. Botero, BOTERO! BOTERO, Botero. And

he don’t give a damn about a greenback dollar, passion in the afternoon,
sand dollars. Representing class Echinoidea of the echinoderm phylum
plagiarizing a riff from the lovely, cold & lonely, underworked Chiffons.







2 thoughts on “Green Heron Scolding a Common Grackle,

    1. yeah, i always enjoy a Cocteau poem. “Modernist” might be a good way to describe it. I like the cast of characters that seems to stretch the timeline of history. Some may stamp this kind of poetry as a bit too abstract or inaccessible but the poem as riddle has such an allure. When the reader quits asking ‘what does the poet mean?’ and thinks ‘what does this poem mean to me?’ is when the world of imagination opens up. Great piece!

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